See HydroRoot in action!

How to Use HydroRoot

Using a watering can or a hose, put the water directly into HydroRoot instead of on or around the plants themselves.

hydroroot plant water system










If you have a drip or trickle system, use our adapter to hold the spigot of the emitter directly over the HydroRoot opening.








When watering a new planting or an existing perennial, HydroRoot encourages deep root systems to grow downward requiring less water as the plant grows, increasing drought tolerance.









HydroRoot is ideal for organic gardeners and food growers or anyone tending a garden at home or in school. It's so simple that even little children enjoy watering with HydroRoot!

easy watering system plants garden hydroroot











In over five years of research, we have seen the difference HydroRoot makes in comparison to regular watering methods.