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HydroRoot FAQ’s:

1.  How fast does HydroRoot drain?

Answer: The 12 ounce HydroRoot typically drains in 30 – 45 seconds.

2.  Isn’t it better if it drains more slowly?

Answer: With HydroRoot, speed is important. The longer the water is exposed to air the more water is lost to evaporation. 

3.  How does it work?

Answer: The holes are well below ground level directing the water to the plants roots. Because the holes are 2" below the surface of the soil, the water is retained around the deep root system for better absorption. Thanks to gravity, the water also encourages the roots to grow downward increasing drought tolerance. 

4. Do I put the plant into the HydroRoot? 

Answer:  Nope :+) The curve of each HydroRoot will snuggle next to each of your plants. Use one HydroRoot for each plant. 

5.   How do I fill the reservoir?

AnswerThe whole idea behind HydroRoot is to have a predetermined amount of water for your plants, like prepackaged 100 calorie snacks. Fill it with a watering can, hose wand or nozzle. You can also direct the spigot of your drip system over the opening and let it drip directly into it. In addition to the holes on the side, there are 2 holes in the bottom that will let all of the water drain out. 

6.  Why Use HydroRoot if I have a drip system?

AnswerHydroRoot enhances the drip system in a couple of ways:

  7.   How would I hold the spigot/emitter in place, I think it moves around little bit?

Answer:  The companies that sell the drip systems often sell a "Y" stake. The "Y" stake holds the trickle spigot in place over the opening of the HydroRoot assuring that it is not moving out of position with the heating and cooling of the day, animals, heavy winds or other factors that may move the systems around, even if just the slightest bit.

8.  Can I plant HydroRoot on a hill?

Answer: Absolutely! In fact, HydroRoot really is a "show off" on a hillside! Not only will you get the water going to where you want it (the roots), but you won't watch your topsoil and mulch slide down to the bottom of the hill!

9.  How do I know which size of HydroRoot to use?

Answer: The 6 ounce is for “New Starts”, the 12 ounce is for plants 12 inches to 3-4 feet tall. The 24 ounce is for really "Big Boys", bushes and small trees.     

10.   I enjoy watering my plants with a hose, what is the advantage of HydroRoot? 

Answer: All hoses emit a different volume of water depending on size and water pressure. Some hoses easily emit 4-5 gallons of water per minute and the home owner is not aware of this. By using HydroRoot, we eliminate unknown volume issues therefore reducing water waste and loss.  

11.  Will HydroRoot leach any plastic byproducts into the ground?

Answer:  No, HydroRoot is made from polypropylene and is approved for organic growing. Happily, it will last many seasons.   

12.  Will HydroRoot work if I live in a drought prone area?

Answer:  Yes! In fact, we recommend a watering tool such as HydroRoot if you live in drought prone areas such as, California, Arizona, Utah and other areas out West. Water targeting systems such as HydroRoot are ideal to keep your garden thriving when outdoor watering is constricted. HyrdroRoot encourages deep root systems to grow downward requiring less water as the plant grows, increasing drought tolerance.