See HydroRoot in action!

Why HydroRoot?

hydroroot root watering system


Water Your Plants, Not Your Weeds

How do you water your garden? Did you know that if you do not use surface water last season's weed seeds do not germinate nearly as well? By using HydroRoot, you avoid the dreaded "Weed Seed Germination" and greatly reduce your weeding time while increasing your enjoyment factor!

Happy Roots = Happy Plants

The secret to happy plants is consistently getting water to the tender root systems. Plants adapt quickly! Water delivery encourages the roots to grow downward towards the water tables and creates drought tolerance in the plants. This makes for very, very happy plants!

The Bottom Line

Our most pressing concern is the unnecessary loss of billions of gallons of "White Water" in the U.S. daily. That is not an easy reality to deal with. When we consider the global water shortages, instead of talking about the droughts, our hope and plan is that HydroRoot will become a staple for food growers and plant gardeners everywhere. 


Did You Know?

3 to 5 gallons of water come out of a 1-inch hose in a single minute! Let's put this into perspective:

# of  Plants
Amt of water used via a sprinkler for 30 minutes daily
Amt of water used via 12 oz. HydroRoot
24 90 gallons 2.25 gallons
48 180 gallons* 4.50 gallons
amt of H2O used *enough water for 12 loads of HE laundry 1/3 of a load of HE laundry